ISTT-Webinar: Geotechnical aspects of HDD-projects

Webinar, 16:00 uur - 17:00 uur
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ISTT Educational webinar: What are the most important ground parameters for HDD projects?

Presenter: Dan Lingenauber  (Tracto-Technik GmbH & Co K.G., Germany)

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The significance of soil conditions for the success of HDD projects is emphasized repeatedly among experts and becomes obvious when problems occur on-site at the latest. But what are the key underground features, and how do you get a grip on them?

This webinar will give a short overview of the most important geotechnical aspects in HDD projects to illustrate the importance of soil and rock exploration in the planning stage.


The following topics will be covered:

- The most important parameters in soil and rock

- Exploration methods

- Describing and visualizing of underground conditions

About Mr. Lingenauber

Mr. Dan Lingenauber has been a geotechnical engineer for 22 years with a background in open-pit lignite mining and geotechnical measurements in nuclear waste repository projects. He started in the HDD business working for TRACTO in 2019. TRACTO is a manufacturer of trenchless pipe-laying equipment based in Lennestadt, Germany, which has a worldwide distribution network. He consults customers especially involved in grid operators with geotechnical information.



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